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Our Church History

One generally associates South Florida’s Palm Beach County with her mild winters, sunny sky, pristine beaches, and tranquil waters. Indeed, her balmy climate and natural beauty continue to lure retiring seniors and young professionals alike to settle here. Population grew rapidly in the past 10 to 20 years; among them are immigrants and students from China.

 In early 1980, the Florida Evangelistic Association (FEA), now known as Hope International Missions, sent out Pastor Wesley Kuo and two other missionaries to pioneer gospel work among the Chinese. Tireless visitations and Bible studies eventually led to the establishment of the Palm Beach Chinese Christian Chapel, our church.

 At the time, the church did not have a church building of her own, and must resort to renting fellowship halls from other churches. From 1983 to 1994, the church had to move several times. It became obvious to all that a permanent facility was necessary, so that God’s work could proceed and expand steadily. However, with the dispersion of church members spanning from the North Broward County in the south, to Martin County in the north, finding a central location, on traffic node, was indeed a great challenge.

 In 1989, the church established a Building Fund Committee and began planning. After Rev. Timothy Lie succeeded Rev. Kuo as the church’s pastor, he led brothers and sisters to pray unceasingly that the Lord may provide an appropriate place. Finally, in June, 1994, we moved into our new home! The church was located in Delray Beach, conveniently close to Interstate 95. The church building can accommodate over 150 people, with classrooms, a fellowship hall and a full-service kitchen. We praised God for His provisions. For five years, brothers and sisters strived arduously to pay off all the church bonds by 1999.

 Rev. Lie retired in 1995. Brother James Chen assumed responsibility of the ministry, leading brothers and sisters to bring the gospel to the local Chinese community.

 The permanent Chinese residents are gainfully employed in both the public and private sectors, in various business services such as restaurants, and professional jobs. In addition, there are students from China pursuing graduate studies in Florida Atlantic University in Boca Raton. The potential harvest is great indeed. Every year, the church conducts evangelistic meetings, Christmas programs, family outings, barbeques, etc., striving in every way to spread the Good News to our kinsmen. Furthermore, satellite small groups are formed for fellowship and bible studies, welcoming seekers and building up believers.

 The Palm Beach Chinese Christian Chapel is a nondenominational Christian church. It ministers to people of all backgrounds and cultures, whether they are from Mainland China, Taiwan, or Southeast Asia. Here, everyone feels relaxed, welcomed and accepted. The Sunday services are in Chinese, with English translation. About 120 people attend the regular worship services, in addition to 50 children and youths. The church also claims 100 church members. A web page was established to inform brothers and sisters of important event. Through this cyberspace venue many visitors came to discover and find our church.

 In 1999, Brother James Chen left for Taiwan. Rev. Daniel Hsu was invited to be the interim pastor. In 2002, Rev. Hsu formally picked up the pastoral staff, and continued leading brothers and sisters in worship and services. He strives for the spiritual growth of the brothers and sisters, emphasizing heavily on Sunday school and small group bible studies. Traversing the County on the Interstate highway, he frequents the homes of seekers and believers alike, caring for them as a loving shepherd. The church, under God’s guidance, collaborating with the pastoral team, continues the work of the gospel joyfully and zealously.

As the Lord continues adding people to the church, we began to consider expanding the Delray Beach building or moving to another larger facility. Almost simultaneously, a property developer contacted the church, expressing the desire to purchase our property. After much prayers and wrestling before the Lord, the congregation saw this as an opportunity and responsibility to grow and expand beyond our current capacity. Finally, in December, 2005, we sold our property in exchange for a 3 acre lot at the northwest corner of Lantana and Hagan Ranch Roads. By God’s grace, we have funds to spare to build a 15,000 sq. ft., 300 seat church. From then on, we launched our current building project, taking up in strides the challenges of rezoning, and searching for the right general contract-architect team.

In 2005, we moved to the interim worship place at Palm Beach Baptist Church while our new church is being built. For this we believe: if the Lord has entrusted us with expanding His Kingdom, He will no doubt also safeguard and establish the works of His hands. And so, we look forward to that day when we stand surely with our brothers and sisters in the new church, testifying to His faithfulness and giving glory to our God.

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