棕櫚灘華人基督教會 Palm Beach Chinese Christian Chapel

執事會 Our Church Board

The Board of Deacons comprises of five to nine brothers and sisters, duly elected at the annual congregational meeting to serve the church for a two-year term in the day-to-day administrative functions of the church organization. We are governor_servants, committed to the effective facilitation of the church ministries, including finance, budget, pastoral and departmental support and coordination, communication, policy development, as well as physical maintenance.



Specific responsibilities are delegated to the following positions: 

Chairperson 主席– Brother Zhijun Zhuang, 莊志軍弟兄。

Secretary 秘書 Sister Sulen Chai, ,翟舒泠姊妹 。

General Affairs 總務– Brother Meifang Zhou, 周梅芳弟兄  

General Affairs 總務– Brother Tao Xie, 謝濤弟兄  

Treasurer 財務– Brother Yi Ye, 葉毅弟兄。

Brother Hongjun Chen,  陳竑竣弟兄


關懷 Brother Hongjun Chen,  陳竑竣弟兄

敬拜 – Brother Zhijun Zhuang, 莊志軍弟兄。

教育 – Brother John Pang, 龐鍾琦弟兄。 

活動 Brother Quincy Wang, 王慶弟兄。

小組 Pastor Dorothy Hsu, 許師母。

We welcome suggestions and ideas from the congregation, strive for a broader participation of services, and to capture every task under the Lordship of Christ


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